Peter Ford - Artist

I have been engaged full time in artistic activities for over twenty-five years, after twelve years teaching. Initially I worked with etching and aquatint – landscapes, still lifes and imaginative images – and many other kinds of traditional printmaking, making editions and also monoprints.  I was successful with these through participation in national and international exhibitions and the promotion of my editioned work by dealers.  This episode now seems long ago, though some of the plates and the works still exist. 

connectionsTurning Point

In 1994 a prize I received gave me a four-week Openshaw residency at Lowick House Printmaking Workshop in Cumbria.  The period spent there which allowed me to work, with assistance, on a larger scale, led to a change of direction when a more abstract tendency in my work, which had always been present, became predominant.  This led me to explore colour processes and also to discover imagery through the activity. From that time my starting points have usually been from only half an idea and the rest results from the process of doing.

grey areasPaper Making
Another significant turning point was the introduction to papermaking from Maureen Richardson, a professional hand papermaker and a generous teacher and friend.  She has since invited me to use her papermaking workshop in Herefordshire.  The extension of control and possibilities for experiment with paper continues to be a major preoccupation.ww


Now, I am working with handmade paper, in two and three dimensions, printing from wood and from found materials such as old machine parts, and sometimes painting. My work can be seen regularly in group shows at Bankside Gallery (where I am a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers) ; the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol (as a member there) and Off-Centre Gallery, Bristol which I started with my partner, Christine, in 1987.