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Shepherds - A specialist shop, off Victoria Street, London. Conservation studio, framing, boxmaking. Retail outlet for a range of Japanese and other decorated papers.

Peter Miller, artist - American artist Peter Miller, now living in Kamakura, Japan, makes photogravure etchings. His website contains detailed description of this process which has a surprisingly long history

A and N - Features the work of two artists from Moscow - Alexander Kholopov and Natalia Lamanova - often using the format of the postage stamp in their digitally created images.

Katsunori Hamanishi - Leading Japanese artist specialising in the mezzotint process.

Paper toys - Makiko Azakami is an original and talented Japanese illustrator making 3D models - called Papertoys. Cards, calendars, commissions

Marlene MacCallum - Artist making subtle photogravure etchings of interiors. Also makes artists books of great refinement incorporating some of these images.

Photogravure - A great photogravure site founded by Mark Katzman, an avid photogravure collector.

David Morrish - This artist makes photogravure etchings, many featuring animals in unusual conditions and positions. He is co-author of a book detailing the history and method of photogravure.

Cornelissen - Established in 1855 this shop has been trading as artists' colourmen since then. They stock tools, inks and equipment for etching. Mail order service. This shop is a magnet for artists of all kinds.

The Confederation of European Paper Industries - This website deals with many aspects of paper history and paper making

Castle Paper and Press. - A website relating to the preparation of a book on the construction of tools and equipment for papermaking. The title will be Papermaking, the Tools of the Trade. This website includes clear texts about making recycled paper, Chinese magic paper and other topics. Author: Brian McQueen

Papier Wespe (Paper Wasp) - A Centre for hand papermaking and paper art, located in the centre of Vienna. They organise specialist workshops and courses. Beatrix Mapalagama is the contact name.

Paper Connection International LLC - A premier wholesale resource for fine art papers from around the globe. Specialises in papers from Japan, China and South Asia. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Paper Safe - Founded in 1988 Papersafe is an online store for all paper care and repair materials.

Pearsons Fine Papers - Manufacturers of fine English watermarked handmade papers. They make bespoke handmade papers for special applications and special occasions.

Conservation by Design - Specialist suppliers of conservation and museum quality boards, tissues, adhesives and other materials for storage and display of art on paper.

Carriage House Paper - A professional hand paper making studio and a major provider of paper making supplies and equipment. Workshops are organised on all aspects of papermaking and paper art. Catalogue. Brooklyn, NY. Orders from outside USA welcomed. Swedish partner is Zen Art Paper, Gothenburg.

Two Rivers Paper Company - Handmade rag papers for artists. Particularly suited for watercolour. Based in Somerset, England.

Lawrence - Art tools and materials (painting and printmaking) for the professional and amateur artist. Based in Hove, Sussex and Redruth, Cornwall. Catalogue and mail order.

Lion Picture Framing Supplies - A source of all items for picture framing - mouldings, wood finishes, mount card, fixings, conservation quality products available. Catalogue and mail order. Based in Birmingham and West London.

Intaglio Printmaker - London shop and supplier by mail order. Specialist in equipment for artist printmakers. metals, woodblocks, inks, tools etc. Catalogue available.

Great Art - A comprehensive supplier of art materials, including printmaking and specialist crafts like marbling, silk painting and gilding. Substantial catalogue for mail order.

John Purcell Paper (London) - A major supplier and stockist of papers and boards for all art purposes. Mail order. Catalogue available. Includes wide selection from South Asia and Japan.

Your First Stop for Art Online! - Showing art, contemporary art, fine art, artist and gallery art. Offering daily international art news and a large art history site with over 22000 art