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Peter Ford has not kept a sketchbook since the 1970s but frequently makes written notes. These can include items from newspapers or radio, lines of poetry or texts from exhibitions.

Even in the period of making figurative etchings he tended to work straight onto the metal without preparatory drawings. The work on the plate was made directly from imagination or a remembered image, sometimes aided by photographs. Transparencies (slides) are of course reversible which is helpful when making a topographical piece – if the finished works needs to look like a specific location.

Now he often uses a camera and has built up a bank of images.  These might be architectural features, chance formal arrangements or intriguing colours and textures, such as areas of burnt paintwork or rust on a derelict building. Some of these photographs stand alone as images in their own right. Also, some influence persists which may have an effect on a new project with paper or a print process.

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