Out of Order

16th August 2019

My solo exhibition Out of Order at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA) Bristol, will end on Sunday 18 August. I have been in attendance every day since it began on 16 July.

In addition to the forty-two works listed on display I have been bringing in some new paper cast pieces, begun in the evenings (weather permitting). I have given them the general title of Contemporary Relic

China Printmaking Museum

22 August 2019

This week I was very happy to receive news that my works Urban Archaeology V and In Formation are to be purchased for the collection of this museum, in Shenzhen, South China.

In September this museum will hold an exhibition of artworks on paper by an invited group of international artists.

Graphic Encounters in Friesland

23 June 2019

In August two of my recent digital works plus a large unframed wall hanging ‘Surveillance City’ will be displayed at the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, as part of an international exhibition including 13 invited artists.

Summer exhibitions in the UK

June 2019
Summer Exhibitions in the UK

One of my first ventures into digital printmaking is included in this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Also displayed is another paperwork from my ‘Urban Archaeology’ series.
Preparations are underway for a solo exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy (RWA), Bristol. I will show more than forty works, plus a similar number here at Off-Centre Gallery. There will be recent experiments with printing from braille sheets, collages from insect-damaged paper and a range of new paper and print works.

Multiple Journeys

Sept 2018

Between 2015 and 2018 I made trips to Prague, Barcelona and Krakow always including some art involvements. In 2016 there were visits to Shanghai and Dalian for solo exhibitions and a significant tour in Shanxi province. This was the beginning of a commission which required my attention for more than eighteen months. The Shanxi tour was shared with ten other international artists. It was the inauguration of a complex project. We all signed a contract requiring us to make ten new images based on the historical sites which we had been taken to see. Each image was to be printed in a large edition. After the completion of this disciplined task I made many new paperworks and prints. One of these was included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018.

Guanlan China

May 2015
One afternoon in early April I checked my emails and read the totally unexpected and startling news that a paper-and-print work of mine had gained for me the Guanlan China International Print Prize. As a consequence I was invited to attend the opening events of the 5th Guanlan International Print Biennale and, together with ten other artist prize winners, enjoy travel and accommodation, courtesy of my hosts. Apart from the excitement of winning the prize, worth about £2,400, it was a pleasure to meet the other artists from USA, Germany, Poland, Japan, Thailand and four from other regions of China. I was able to visit the new Guanlan China Museum of Printmaking. We were astonished by the scale of the building and even the fact of its existence. How many other museums of printmaking exist?

Guangzhou, China

October 2014
Late in October I travelled to Bristol’s sister city Guangzhou (formerly Canton). I was a guest of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and an exhibitor in the 3rd Small Prints and Ex Libris Biennale. I had also attended the previous Biennales, in 2010 and 2012. With assistance from my translator Gou Man, I gave an illustrated talk focussing on the making of collagraphs. The talk was called ‘Searching and Researching – The Artist as Explorer’. It was well-received by the students, artists and academics. On the following day we saw some of the sights of the city – the historical museum and the new opera house designed by Zahar Hadid.


July 2014
FabrianoThe congress of the International Association of Papermakers and Artists (IAPMA) took place in this attractive small town in the Marche district of Italy, north east of Rome, about two hours train journey from there.
Fabriano is renowned amongst paper makers and users as the first European paper mill and source of the eponymous paper. I travelled there at the beginning of July with Maureen Richardson, a member of the IAPMA founding group and the person who introduced me to paper making 25 years ago. The congress was a wonderful event, successful in all respects – lively talks and demonstrations, good food, perfect weather and graceful architectural locations. Quite unforgettable.